Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rating : 4.0/5

Number of Pages : 327
Series : Canongate Myths Series
Format : Myth Fiction/Non Fiction
Reason for Reading : Once Upon a Time V Challenge

This is a collection of Baba Yaga myths and stories told as short stories and a letter. The first follows a writer on a voyage to Bulgaria, the land her mother is from. Her mother has recently died and she is trying to reconnect with her. The second tells of three old women taking a holiday together in a spa as we look back over some of their life choices. The final section is a letter summarising all the Baba Yaga myths and stories to an uninformed reader and it raises some very interesting questions at the end.

The book looks at growing older, femininity, the differences in the myths and stories and the unlocking of secrets long buried. I didn't know much about the myths beforehand, just the essentials that she is a witch who lives in a house with chicken legs. It was fascinating to read more and see her in a more updated setting.

This book can be read in one sitting or as three separate sections. I read it all in one go, but definitely plan on going back and reading it again (especially the final section with all the myth details). I got totally caught up in the stories and wish that all myths had such concise but incredibly detailed summaries. I love this whole series and can highly recommend this to anyone with an interest in myths and stories. It fits in really nicely with the others in the collection, it's diverse and spans many different cultures. Looking forward to continuing with more in the near future.


Kailana said...

I really want to read this at some point...

chrisa511 said...

I've been dying to read this! I've had it since it came out...just haven't gotten to it yet sadly :(

soleil said...

I really really want this book.

Jill said...

I'm glad you enjoyed this. I've only read one in the Canongate myths series so far, but I enjoyed it. I need to read more of them!