Saturday, April 09, 2011

Readathon - End of hour 8

Currently Reading : Fairest of them all - Serena Valentino

Books Read - 1
Pages Read - 158
Total Pages - 455

Time spent reading - 105mins
Time spent eating/cooking - 0mins
Time spent in cat related activities - 5mins

Time spent blogging/online - 10mins

Total time spent reading - 380mins

I finished my first book and it ended fantastically. Part fiction and part non fiction looking at the stories about Baba Yaga. The book I am reading at the moment looks at the Queen in Snow White and how she becomes the Wicked Stepmother we know form the Disney film.


jehara said...

The books you are reading sound really interesting! I will have to remember these titles.

So, I have recently discovered a new author on a recommendation from a friend of mine. The books sort of have an Alice Hoffman quality to them. I think you would like them. The author's name is Sarah Addison Allen and I have read all of her books already in the last two weeks.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you've been having a great day! Keep it up!