Sunday, August 01, 2010


Since I started my job a year and a half ago I have been a poor blogger. I have barely been posting and have fallen so behind on my reader that I cleared all the posts and started again a couple of days ago. I have a new iphone (my favourite toy in the whole world!) so that when I travel I can now keep track of my google reader and rejoin the fabulous book blogging community. I am very behind on reviews and I plan on catching up completely by the end of September. I have also managed to complete a couple of challenges which I will wrap up again by the end of September.

So a review of where I am up to at the end of July :

Books Read : 13 (82 in total)

Once Upon a Time Challenge : 5/5 (Completed - needs wrapping up)
Cozy Mystery Challenge : 4/6
Manga Challenge : 5/6
Short Story Challenge : 2/5
Series Challenge : 3/5
Vampire Series Challenge : 4/6
Graphic Novel Challenge : 10/12
10 10 10 Challenge : 28/55
Sookie Stackhouse Challenge : 9/9 (Completed - needs wrapping up)
LJ Smith Challenge : 4/4 main books, no follow ups read
Challenge with Mariel : 2/5
Challenge with Nymeth : 5/5 (Completed - needs wrapping up)
Arthurian Challenge II : 4/4 (Completed - needs wrapping up)

Reviews to catch up on : 28


Ladytink_534 said...

I can only seem to keep up with one thing at a time. Either reading or blogging... Sounds like you had a good reading month though!

Ana S. said...

Welcome back! It'll be great to see you posting more often again :) I look forward to hearing all about what you've been reading.

Alice said...

Welcome back! I can understand that. It's like that for me too. I have been blogging very irregularly and I hope to be back on track soon. I think you did very well for the reading month!