Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rating : 3.0/5
Number of Pages : 208
Series : #8 Death Note
Format : Manga Novel
Reason for Reading : To continue with the series

Light has taken on the role of L and is now battling L’s protégés Near and Mello. Near is in charge of the SPK, a special task force in the pay of the American President. Mello on the other hand rules a band of mafia and mercenaries based out of the USA as well. Mello’s group has captured Light’s sister and it us up to him and his father to get her back without revealing the identity of L or Kira.

The usual gang are working on the Japanese task force and it becomes a case of Light’s team working with Near but still trying to find out his real identity so they can kill him. Both teams are after Mello who gets his hands on a Death Note and a new Shinigami that turns up. Misa continues to be in the story, but very much in the background.

The usual mental Olympics as all three try to out manoeuvre each other. I haven’t really warmed to Near or Mello yet but it’s interesting to see the opposite paths they have taken to try and achieve the same goal. They are battling to prove which of them is the best by bringing down Kira, while Kira is trying to defeat his two new enemies.