Thursday, August 05, 2010

Rating : 3.5/5
Number of Pages : 208
Series : #7 Death Note
Format : Manga Novel
Reason for Reading : Manga Challenge 2010, to continue with the series

Things are getting very complicated and I am reluctant to give too much of the plot away. Basically Light gets back his Shinigami and Death Note powers and continues his games with L whose time on the investigation into Kira is now numbered. Two new characters are introduced who join the investigation, but go about their roles in very different ways. Misa continues to be a pawn in Light's greater goal and a whole new storyline opens up as a major chapter closes and a new one opens.

I really liked the first half of this manga, but events happened which I don't believe to be true (or at least I hope not). I'm not sure about the new characters but will see how things begin to unfold in the next installment. It's still very clever, but if the plot twist is true I may start to lose interest sadly.


Ana S. said...

I need to continue with this series! I don't know why I stopped after book 5, really, as I was really enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

I'm planning to reread this manga this year...but I'm not sure I have the time