Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Rating : 3.5/5
Number of Pages : 257
Series : #7 Aurora Teagarden Mysteries
Format : Cozy Mystery Novel
Reason for Reading : Cozy Mystery Challenge

This time Roe's life is turned upside down when her former lover Robin Crusoe returns to town to shoot a movie version of one of his true life crime books. It just happens that the book was based on events that take place in the first novel in the series which makes it personal for librarian Roe. She isn't sure how she feels about Robin being back in town as she is dealing with her own loss and seeing Robin is bound to bring up the past and her complicated feelings.

Robin hasn't exactly been celibate since he left town. He has been dating the actress due to play Roe in the film (art imitating life). Unfortunately though they have split up and one morning she is found dead in her film trailer. Roe and Robin are immediately on the case and looking for who the murderer was.

The story was mixed for me, I guessed correctly who the murderer was this time but didn't guess at their motives which was a nice twist. These books are more about character development and I do like Roe. It was good to see Robin return, I liked him in the first book which is probably the best in the series.

Rating : 4.0/5
Number of Pages : 273
Series : #8 Auroura Teagarden Mystery
Format : Cozy Mystery Novel
Reason for Reading : Cozy Mystery Challenge

The final installment in the Lily Bard Mystery series by Charlaine Harris (best known for her Sookie Stackhouse vampire series). This time the murder is close to home for Roe. Her sister-in-law Poppy is the next to be found dead on her patio when Roe and her other sister-in-law go to pick her up for an event. Poppy was not perfect and had a series of extra marital affairs and as the story unfolds there are a few men that step out of the shadows that Roe was unaware of (they had escaped the town gossip).

Her husband was no saint either and quickly becomes a suspect in her murder. Things aren't that simple though and there are a number of people who could have done the deed. No one escapes suspicion including the police detective who has had relations with both Roe and Poppy. Roe's half brother turns up after his parents have marriage troubles and Roe has to meet her boyfriends mother and make a Thanksgiving dinner. She hasn't been feeling well though, she's tired a lot and her body aches.

Again I correctly guessed the murderer. Overall I really liked how the series ended, it felt all wrapped up and I was very happy for Roe when the "twist" was revealed in her personal life. I will miss Roe but I can always revisit her in the future.

Rating : 4.0/5
Number of Pages : 214
Series : #2 Lily Bard Mystery
Format : Cozy Nystery Novel
Reason for Reading : Cozy Mystery Challenge

Back in Shakespeare a body is found by Lily in the gym she works at. It was a bodybuilder and is clearly murder when his spotter strangled him with a set of weights. It seems to have been sparked by race relationships in the small town. Much unrest is mixed up between those of different colour and Lily gets in the middle defending a young black man despite her being white and her loyalties are questioned.

One of her cleaning bosses hired Jack Leeds to identify the ringleaders in the race issue. He believes they are connected to one of the businesses he runs and Jack goes undercover to lure them out. Lily breaks his cover though when she resognises him from the papers around her ordeal and we find out Jack's own painful past. They develop a bond having had so much negative media and they may just be able to pull each other through the town's difficulties.

Lily is a very different main character to Roe who I have spent more time with. I think I prefer Lily though, she is just a little more complicated which I like. There is a bit more to her despite her sad past. This book tackles some sensitive issues and it was done well. I look forward to getting to know Lily and Jack better in more of the series.


Marg said...

I have read the Sookie books, and the Harper Connelly books, but I haven't read any of these ones yet. One day.

Jill said...

I've become so involved with the Southern Vampire books that these two series have fallen by the wayside, even though I've enjoyed them both very much so far. I need to get moving on them! Thanks for the reminder.

Ladytink_534 said...

I did like how the Aurora Teagarden series ended. It felt like it had come full circle. I've never read the Lily Bard series though...