Saturday, November 07, 2009

Rating : 4.0/5
Number of Pages : 370
Series : #2 Uglies
Format : Teenage Fiction, Science Fiction
Reason for Reading : Scott Westerfeld Mini Challenge, to continue with the series

Tally Youngblood is back after the events of Uglies, but now she is a Pretty. The Pretty operation is what happens to everyone when they reach 16. They have their face and body changed to conform to Pretty standards. She lives with the other Pretties who form cliques/clans. They party all the time, have access to as many clothes and amusements as they want and generally have no responsibilities.

Tally is part of the Crim clique and their thing is pulling tricks like they did in their younger Ugly days. It gives them a buzz and helps them wake up from the Pretty haze that they otherwise live in. Tally is drawn to fellow Crim Zane and the two of them quickly start spending more and more time together. Events from Tally's past though don't stay buried for long and people form the Smoke start appearing to her with a series of clues and tests for her to follow. Trouble is, will she like what she finds at the end and where will it take her next.

This was a lot of fun. I like Tally and it was good to meet some new characters like Zane and Andrew Simpson Smith. The story moved on nicely and I am looking forward to the next in the series.

Rating : 4.5/5
Number of Pages : 372
Series : #3 Uglies
Format : Teenage Fiction, Science Fiction
Reason for Reading : Scott Westerfeld Mini Challenge, to continue with the series

The third and final in the main Uglies series. Tally and co return again this time as Specials. There is still tension between Tally and Shay, but it is surpressed now that Shay is the leader. They are still trying to stamp out the New Smoke and Tally is keen to get Zane to join their team to make him better after the events in Pretties. The Specials are fighting machines, they are Cruel Pretties designed to instil fear into others and were created by Dr Cable just in their city.

Shay leads the Crim group in a chase of the Uglies, but they capture Fausto leaving Tally alone to save Shay. They take Shay too and Tally decides to follow them and ends up meeting up with Andre Simpson Smith again to get coordinates. It takes her on a journey to the New Smoke and another city. She learns the truth finally and gets involved in a war.

A great conclusion to the story. I was glad it didn't have a completely happy ending, it was quite a realistic series despite the sci-fi elements and this made it more so. I am interested to see how Extras fits in as the story closes quite nicely.

Rating : 4.0/5
Number of Pages : 417
Series : #4
Format : Teenage Fiction, Science Fiction
Reason for Reading : Scott Westerfeld Mini Challenge, to continue with the series

Aya lives in what must have once been Tokyo, Japan. Their city works on a system of face ranks. Everyone has their own feed and those that are the most popular have a higher face rank and are more recognised and watched. Aya's rank is 451,369 and she dreams of being in the top 1000 so she can be invited to the thousands ball. She is a kicker, someone who writes about stories and uncovers hidden things bringing them into the open. Her brother if one of the most famous kickers in the city and she has a lot to live up to.

She stumbles across a group of girls one night who ride the mag-lev trains which is illegal and very dangerous. If she can get enough information and footage on her flying camera Moggle she can kick the story and really increase her face rank. The question is, is she comfortable lying and betraying her new friends? She has also started hanging out with Frizz, someone with a much higher face rank than her who had surgery making him unable to lie. He wouldn't take kindly to her lying to others either.

An interesting addition to the main series. It's a completely new story in a new city, but it does link back to Tally and her experiences as she is the most famous person and has a face rank of 1 despite never having been seen. There is more scope to add books to the series which I hope happens.


Amanda said...

Pretties ended up being my favorite of the books because i really liked Zane more than any other character in the series.

I do think Extras opened the door for more books, w hich would be awesome.

Lightheaded said...

This is one of my favorite series ever!

Kailana said...

I loved this series! I read the entire thing this year. :) I don't like those covers, though...

soleil said...

i'm glad you enjoyed the series. i loved those books. that would be awesome if there were more. :)

Ladytink_534 said...

I seem to have a problem lately where I'll read the first book in a series and love it but never get around to reading the other books. I've really got to finish these!

Julie said...

I also love this series! I think my favorite is Specials because I liked the elements of the Specials even though the book itself was a complete tearjerker for me.
I liked your triple review. Now, I've got to read Extras.
I linked your review to mine on Specials as well.
Great job!