Thursday, November 05, 2009

October Summary

Check out the awesome set of cat nail polishes I got yesterday, each colour has a different kitty picture on it. How cool!

Not a bad month for reading although I read mostly manga and graphic novels. I am at that time of year when my reading is really lagging and I still have so many challenges I want to complete. I did finish the RIP IV, What's in a Name II and Scott Westerfeld Challenges this month though so I can cross some off. I am still very behind with reviews, now a whopping 18 which is the highest so far. I just seem to have so many things pulling me in different directions at the moment. I am going to the gym more and am really into playing Disgaea on the PSP which have both caused my reading slump. I really want to finish the 666 and Vampire Challenges this year as well as the ones with Mariel and Nymeth so I will be prioritising these.

Books Read = 17, Total = 159
Pages Read = 4,156, Total = 35,955

Manga Challenge : 6/6 plus 14 alternatives
Scott Westerfeld Mini Challenge : 3/3 COMPLETED
Arthurian Challenge II : 1/6 (read 6-8 books)
What's in a Name Challenge II : 6/6 COMPLETED
Challenge with Nymeth : 1/5
Challenge with Mariel : 0/5
Graphic Novel Challenge II : 15/18
Guardian Challenge : 42/50
Vampire Challenge : 1/2
666 Reading Challenge : 18/36
GLBT Challenge : 5/6
Sookie Stackhouse Challenge : 0/9
LJ Smith Challenge : 0/6
RIP Challenge : 4/4 COMPLETED

100 Mile Challenge : 35/100


Melody said...

So cute! I'd love to get that set of nail polishes!

I think you're doing very well on the reading, Rhinoa! How I wish I could read half as many books as you did!