Friday, July 03, 2009

Rating : 3.0/5
Number of Pages : 355
Format : Teenage Fiction, Vampire/Werewolf novel
Reason for Reading : Vampire Challenge

Nina was fanged in 1973 when she was 15. Since then she has trying to live as a reformed vampire dining off Guinea Pigs. There are a little group of them that meet every week in a local church with Priest Father Ramon to try to come to terms with what they are and offer each other support, guidance and therapy. Being a vampire is no easy thing. It is not a glamorous lifestyle like in the books, they are best by illness, have to wear dark glasses all the time and everyone wants to kill them. They are not the deadly predator with supernatural skills portrayed in fantasy and horror novels. Nina deals with this by writing her own fantasy vampire series with Zadia Bloodstone as the intrepid vampire heronine with all the usual superpowers.

Life changes when one of their own is murdered (a stake through the heart does the trick). They find a silver bullet as a clue and pursue their lead to the very unsavoury Barry McKinnon and his son Dermind. They are running an illegal werewolf baiting racket and Nina, Dave (another vampire) and Father Ramon manage to get caught in the middle whilst looking for the killer. Barry and Dermind will stop at nothing to keep their werewolf who is worht upwards of a hundred thousand dollars...

This book should have been amazing. It has some of the best ideas I have come across in a long time regarding vampire fiction. I loved that they were sick all the time and totally the opposite of the stories. Another great idea was that Nina contributed to the misconception by writing supernatural vampire fiction of her own. There is also Bridget, an elderly vampire who spends her time knitting. Unforatunately it fell a bit flat. It wasn't really explained why they were so sick all the time. What started as a fun murder mystery became a bit more of an action tale, but it just missed the mark somehow for me.

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Ana S. said...

That's too bad. I really like the premise.

Jill said...

It does sound fund and interesting. I'm sorry to hear it missed the mark!

Kim L said...

It's too bad this book didn't live up to your expectations, because it does sound like a neat idea! Love the concept.

Bree Leigh said...

Personnaly, when I read it I loved it, but it took me about 3 months to find it after fisrt seeing it. at the book shop i first saw it they didn't have it on any of the records. but i loved it anyway.