Sunday, November 30, 2008

High Lord - Trudi Canavan

Rating : 4.0/5
Number of Pages : 647
Series : #3 Black Magician Trilogy
Reason for Reading : Series II Challenge, Chunkster Challenge

The conclusion to the Black Magician Trilogy is so much better than the first two in the series. Sonea is still an apprentice to the High Lord who is a Black Magician, something forbidden by the Guild he represents. He does his best to explain to Sonea why he has learnt this forbidden magic and shows her the truth. It is then up to Sonea whether she helps him and how best to do so. There is the option of giving her strength and power to the High Lord, or to learn Bacl Magic herself knowing that punnishment will be either execution or bannishment from the Guild forever.

In the background Dannyl must bring to light a sect of people whoa re not part of the Guild that are trying to learn magic. Another crime that is punnishable by execution. He must trick them into accepting him so he can expose them. To do so he must let them believe he is gay, which is in fact the truth. As the truth comes out and the threat to the city and the Guild is acknolledged, it seems all of their lives will be changed forever. Sonea and the High Lord must try and stop an invasion of the worst kind, powerful Black Magician's with a grudge against the High Lord and the Guild.

As I said, much better than the first two in the series. Lots of action, Canavan takes no prisoners during the battle. Much more action and adventure, suspense and intrigue. It ends in a way that Canavan could continue the series at a later date which I would be interested in reading. It's just such a shame about book two as many people may give up on the series and miss a great conclusion.


Kailana said...

I really need to read her. I have a couple of her book. I think Priestess of the White is the one I was looking at when I was book organizing the other night.

Ana S. said...

Nothing like a good conclusion to change the way we see a series as a whole. I'm glad to hear this one ended up being worth continuing :)