Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blue Dragon - Game

Rating : 3.0/5
Developer : Mistealker and Artoon
Genre: RPG
Console : XBox 360

The story follows Shu, Kluke and Jiro who live in a villiage terrorised by a landshark which appears when the sky is filled with violet clouds. They come up with a plan to destroy the land shark and save the villiage which sparks their adventure to ulimtaltely destroy Nene. Along the way they meet Marumaro (one of the Devee tribe) and Lady Zola who helps King Jibral fight the monsters from the surrounding land.

These five are able to take on Nene because they are different. They possess magic and have giant blue shadows to aid them in battle. Shu has a dragon, Kluke a phoenix, Jiro a minatour, Marumaro a tiger and Zola a bat. They travel the land saving different villages from Nene's terrors (including a villiage he has turned to ice, a villiage held hostage by a forest and evil tree and many others being besiged by monsters). Ultimately they need to locate Nene and destroy him and his servants once and for all. Nene is the only surviving member of the ancients who had magic and built machines and mechants to do their bidding. He wants to use his magic to be King of the world and rule over all.

I had a few issues with this game. It is too like final fantasy and felt like a direct rip off. The story was based on a design by Hironobu Sakaguchi was is the Final Fantasy series creator. He supervised development and wrote the plot which evidently shows. The class system was very similar and the plot was very linear until near the end. The battle system was pretty standard and I found them all very easy until one particular psycho tree on the final disk (there are 3 disks in total). I was able to defeat the final boss in one go sadly. Marumaro is also very irritating and Shu has an annoying habbit of constantly saying "I will not give up". On the plus side I do love the graphics. I like my RPGs to look like a fantasy game without realistic human graphics. My characters have magical giant blue animal shadows for goodness sakes!

I leave you with some screen shots that give you a feel for the game. Probably more suited to slightly younger players and a little less RPG experience.


Ana S. said...

First of all, let me just say again how awesome I think it is that you review games. I don't have an Xbox so I won't be playing this one, but even if I did the fact that it feels a bit like a FF rip off would put me off. If I'm in the mood for FF I'll just play the real thing :P

But nevertheless, it does sound like a fun game.

Jill said...

I'm excited that you're reviewing games, too! Maybe this would be a good one for my kids (who enjoy the latest Zelda but need a bit of help for the tricky bits). Keep up the game reviews! :-)