Thursday, November 06, 2008

999 Challenge

Ok ok I know I said I would cut down on challenges for 2009, but I can't resist this one as I can use it to read lots of books I have been meaning to get around to for ages! Hosted on Librarything here and the rules are below:

1. Pick 9 categories
2. Read 9 books in each of those categories
3. Complete them in 2009.
4. To make it easier ---The 888 challenge allowed an overlap of 8 books which would fit into more than one category. So for this challenge, you could overlap 9 books, but that's up to you. I didn't overlap any books.
5. To make it harder ---Complete all your books by 9/9/09.

There may or may not be prizes but who cares, it looks fun! It does mean committing to 81 books in 2009, but I should be able to manage it. My categories are:

1. 9 Graphic Novels
2. 9 Manga
3. 9 Urban Fantasy
4. 9 Anthologies
5. 9 Fairy Tales
6. 9 Teenage Fiction
7. 9 TBR
8. 9 Mythology/Folk Tale
9. 9 by one author or in one series eg. 9 by JRR Tolkien or 9 Daughters of the Moon books

I will probably set a couple of books and then just fill them in as I go along throughout 2009 to keep things flexible if I spot something new along the way (apart from the TBR section which needs to be books I already have at home).


Ana S. said...

I LOVE your categories. And I predict I'll be saying "I've been meaning to cut back, but..." a lot myself :P

Alice said...

I think I'll do this, Rhinoa! :)

Going to be challenging, for sure but totally fun!

chrisa511 said...

You're nuts...absolutely nuts :P I thought about this challenge for all of 5 seconds and then realized that I'd be out of my mind to think I could do this. I have no doubt that you'll succeed though with the number of books you devour! Good luck! You have some great categories!

Melody said...

Sounds challenging and fun, Rhinoa! Can't wait to read all your reviews. :)

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

Oh goodness! Good luck with the challenge. I can't even count that high. :) I love your categories, though!

1morechapter said...

Oh, you're so brave-- great categories!

Susan said...

Wow. I'm trying to get through the 888 challenge! I was wondering if there would be a 999....I'll have to think about it, since I'm not done 888, but I did learn a very valuable lesson, that your categories sensibly show: pick categories that you (or I) easily read plenty of books in!!! Good luck, you should be able to do this one easily! Oh my, all those books you've read already this year!!....

samantha.1020 said...

Your categories look really good. I'll watch for your reviews and add to my own TBR list :)

Rhinoa said...

Nymeth - I know. I plan on doing our challenge and two of Carls if he runs them again on top. Plus if there is a series challenge again I will do that too, but that's it honest!

Alice - I hope you sign up. I am interested to see your categoris.

Chris - Yes I am it's true! I made sure to pick categories I will enjoy reading so it won't feel difficult.

Melody, Trish and 3M - Thanks, I can't wait to get started already :)

Susan - Good luck finishing your 888 challenge this year, I am sure you will do it. Yep it's all about giving yourself an excuse to rad more of the books you love.

Samantha - Any way I can help you spend more money is fine by me!