Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yes I am back! I had a sleep for just less than 4 hours and spent the last hour and a bit reading Stardust. I don't think I will finish it in time for the end of the challenge, but will finish it tomorrow at the latest. I am really annoyed as I really wanted to take part inCarl's mini RIP II Challenge, but typically it began just as I went to bed. Also I do not think I have time to take part in the short story challenge unless I can find a really really short one!

Pages Read: 140 Here, There be Dragons, 281 Huckleberry Finn, 240 Gloom Cookie v1, 224 Gloom Cookie v2, 204 Dark Wraith of Shannara, 75 Stardust
Total Pages Read : 1164
Books Completed: 5
Mini-Challenges Participated In: 3 or 4 I think


tanabata said...

Yay for coming back after your nap. Hope you're feeling rested. Good luck in the last stint!

Marg said...

Welcome back!

Dreamybee said...

Wow, all you bloggers who have made it through 22 hours of straight reading and blogging rock! I loved your Top-10 list! Our Basset hound used to curl up with me on the couch, and he'd look so cute I would avoid moving for hours just because I didn't want to disturb him! Bathroom? It can wait. Laundry? It will still be there later. Dishes? Ditto. Someone at the door? If they really needed to be here, they'd have a key! LOL. The concessions we make for our pets!