Saturday, September 06, 2008

Rating : 3.5/5
Number of Pages : 153
Series : Special Topics in Tarot
Reason for Reading : Non-Fiction Five Challenge

A collection of exercies working with the tarot to gain a deeper understanding of your self. Split into three main sections; easy, intermediate and exercises for special occassions and situations. Covering topics like grief, finding a spiritual path, healing yourself, telling stories, describing who you are etc.

The exercises are laid out in easy-to-follow formats and the beauty of this book is you do not need any knowledge of the tarot before completing the exercises. There is no focus on divination or the meanings of the cards, the focus is purely the imagery depicted on them. That said you really need to use a deck where the minor arcana have pictures and not just 3 swords etc. A lot of the time you are asked to pick cards faceup and then examine your choices.

Mostly this was an interesting book. My only complaint was that the exercises all followed the same format and became a little repetitive. There is a brief chapter on how to write your own exercises as well as some information on chakras and astrology.


Ladytink_534 said...

I have a beautiful pack of tarot cards (they have all kinds of faeries on them) and I've never even tried to use them :(

Rhinoa said...

Tink - I hope you do try using them someday.

brideofthebookgod said...

Rhinoa, Have you tried Mary Greer's Tarot for Yourself? I'm working my way through it at the moment and finding it really helpful.

Rhinoa said...

brideofthebookgod - I haven't read it yet but I do have a copy and hope to get around to it at some point. Thanks for the recommendation and reminder.