Monday, February 04, 2008

You Make My Day

Thanks to Melody and Nymeth for giving me a You Make My Day award. It's always good to know people read my blog which I was never expecting when I started it!

Once receiving the award the next part if to pass it on to 10 other bloggers. I have been thinking about it and have decided to pick 10 people whose blogs I really enjoy whether they have already been nominated or not which I hope is ok.

Nymeth - I know she nominated me, but hers is honestly the first blog I know I want to visit when I am online. If I have time to look at a few different sites I save hers for last as I know it will take the longest for me to read every word. If I only have a few minutes I will check hers out first. I have had some great book recommendations there and have been lucky enough to meet up briefly at a book signed. Hopefully we will get the chance to meet up again before she leaves the UK.

Jehara - She is a real sweetie with very similar tastes in reading and spirituality to me. One day she found my blog and saw I was hoping to get a pen pal so she kindly sent me an email offering which has been fun so far (woman you owe me a letter!).

Caroline Wood - Caroline is a lady I met online a few years back who I think is great! She is a fantastic tarot reader and I especially love her crafty blog with all the things she makes and her current projects. She is generally a great source of inspiration to me.

Amy Sleepy Reader - I love her layout and her reviews are always fun to read. She always has something nice to say and I am really glad I found her blog.

Chris Stuff as Dreams - Another blog I save until last as there is always lots of interesting stuff to read. He writes about books, films and random goings on in his life which really make it feel like you are getting to know him which is always fun. He has similar reading tastes to me so it's another place for great recomendations and one day I hope to go to New Orleans...

Margo - She is someone I have known for a while online (maybe one day I will get to meet up with her for a coffee) and I love reading her reviews of books, films and music. A real star.

Clare Confessions of a Book Addict - Again another person I have known for many years online (we must meet for coffee too!). She has great taste in books and was lovely enough to put me on the right track for two authors who are now in my top 5 all time favourites. She recommended both Anne Bishops Black Jewels Trilogy and Charles de Lint. She also loves Juliet Marillier as much as me and I still need to read some Caiseal Mor on her recommendation.

Darla D - Someone I have recently discovered who also loves Charles de Lint, Manga and YA books. A great new place to get recommendations and she visits me here lots too and I am enjoying chatting about books we share an interest in. I hope to get to know her better.

Wendy Literary Feline - I love her blog, so many different types of books and it's always good to see a dog lover converted into being a cat lover as well! She encourages me to read books outside my usual scope which is always a great thing.

Thoughts of Joy - I love the challenges she is running this year and I think I am doing 3 of hers at the moment! It's great to be encouraged to read more YA books as well as start some of the many new series I have sitting on my shelves. She is also really friendly which is always good.


Literary Feline said...

Thank you! A great surprise to find on an otherwise dreary Monday. You've definitely made my day. :-) I really like reading your blog too.

Just so you know, I'm using the tote you gave me for the holidays as my book and magazine bag for work. It's working out really well. Thank you again!

chrisa511 said...

Aw, thank you Rhinoa! I love reading your blog too...You're always reading the coolest books and going to the coolest places. And you have that really cute tiny cat! Thanks again :) Right back atcha ;)

Rhinoa said...

Wendy - Yay I am glad you are getting good use of it. Truth be told I liked it so much I nearly kept it for myself ;)

Chris - Thanks, right back at ya! Yeah Morgaine is a cutie and I have a little teddy that looks just like her called Mini Morg that I take when I go away to help me sleep without her and her brother (oh and my husband!).

Melody said...

You are most welcome, Rhinoa! I always enjoy reading your blog because you have so many fantasy books reviews to share, plus it's a joy to view and read about your lovely cat too. ;)

Ana S. said...

Thank you so much for the kind words :) I feel the same way about you and your blog.

I need to e-mail you soon about my possible last visit to London! I'll do that once I get back from Wales.

gautami tripathy said...

Congrats for the award!

I have tagged you. You will this meme.

soleil said...

thanks for the award! and i so owe you a letter. working on it right now, actually. :)

Alice said...

Congrats on the award! By the way, you're tagged! :D

Margo. said...

Awww thanks Katie. I enjoy reading your blog too. I especially like the photos you post.

Jill said...

Thank you so much! You totally made my day, on this gray, coming-home-to-a-cold-house, post-vacation blues day. Thank you for the very sweet words - I enjoy hanging out here at your blog, too! :-)