Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rating : 3.0/5
Number of Pages : 156
Number in Series : #5 Worst Witch Series
Reason for Reading : Young Adult Challenge, I love this series!

Mildred Hubble arrives at school to start her third year, this time without Miss Hardbroom as her form teacher finally. New teacher Miss Granite will be taking her class and she is everything Miss Hardbroom is not. She has curly orange hair, very dark glasses and a high squeeky voice. When it comes to classes she leaves the girls to their own devices provking Mildred and her friends suspicions.

Mildred has other problems to deal with. She borrows Maud's magic curling hair brush and gets it tangled in her long hair. Ethel offers her help and just cuts it out leaving a very short patch. Trying to even things up Ethel makes a big mess and Mildred looks worse than ever! A growth spell made with the help of Ethel goes terribly wrong and Mildred's cat Tabby gets a bit of a shock.

Some old enemies arrive and some animal magic is used again. A fun return to Miss Cackles School for Young Witches.


Unknown said...

I read The Worst Witch when I was kid! I didn't even know she'd gone on to write more.

Rhinoa said...

Nicola - Neither did I until recently! I read the first three when I was a kid and found out there were two more (At Sea and Saves the Day). There is a new hardback out To The Rescue and I am just waiting for the paperback to come out so I can finish the series. As she is only in her third year Murphy could write quite a few more. Going back and reading them again has been a real treat and the illustrations are lovely. Definitely worth revisiting.

Kathleen said...

I loved The Worst Witch too. I used to watch the TV series. I eventually want to read the whole series.