Saturday, February 02, 2008

Two Graphic Novels

Names of Magic - Dylan Harrocks & Richard Case
Rating : 3.5/5
Number of Pages : 124
Reason for Reading : Been meaning to read some of this series for ages and the library had a copy

Timothy Hunter has faced down many challenges since discovering he is destined to be the greatest magician known to the world, but they mean nothing if he cannot discover his true name. Who he thought was his father turned out not to be and his mother died when he was six and was too young to ask her. There are at least two tales of his true birth. One is that Mary is his mother and Tamlin his father. She fought to get him back from Titania, but he missed the faerie world and one day after their son was born he was gone. Another says Timlin is his father and Queen Titania of the faeries his mother. She hid Tim in the human world as a baby with human parents so he could be brought up safe from the jealousy of her husband Auberon.

Tim is being chased by the mysterious Golden Lotus group as well as the Unseelie Court with help from some traitors from some Seelie Court members. He can only hide in the White School if he knows his true name and so begins his journey to uncover his real heritage. I really enjoyed this tale and the artwork and will definitely be tracking down some of the earlier books in this series which was created by Neil Gaiman and John Bolton.

The Books of Faerie: Auberon's Tale - Bronwyn Carlton & John Ney Rieber
Rating : 3.0/5
Number of Pages : 127
Reason for Reading : See above

A collection of stories form the Books of Magic world. The first three tell how Auberon became to be the King of the Faeries as a young boy. It must lead into another tale from one of the other books as it stopped just as things were getting interesting and he is still very young and surrounded by enemies and plots! It involved regicide, a pretender to the throne and a usurper.

Another tale was about troll Strum saving his brothers and gaining a magical pot allowing him to walk under water and still be able to breathe as normal. He aids a lady reclaim her silver treaure and gains a reward. There is also a tale of Auberon before he was declared King where he finds a fearsome pet in the forest which is possibly a mythical beast. The final tale was the saddest and the most beautifully drawn. It involves Tim Hunter being transported by a magic key to the realm of the dead. There he meets the spirit of a girl who had loved Tamlin in life before discovering her hatred for him in death for spurning her. Tamlin is painted as a cruel and hurtful character and Tim helps her without realising it is Tamlin she loved.

I enjoyed this collection, but feel it would have meant more if I had read some more of the tales before it. Must go and seek them out!