Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Trial - Franz Kafka

Rating : 3.0/5
Number of Pages : 178
Reason for Reading : Guardian 100 Greatest Books of All Time

Somebody must have made a false accusation against Josef K., for he was arrested one morning without having done anything wrong." K is a banker and has no idea what is going on the morning a group of men arrest him in his appartment. His arrest doesn't involve the police or jail and he is free to continue his life and go to work with the mysterious court looking into his case in the background. The appear to have courts in attics around the city and employ many people in their services from painters to maids.

K turns to a string of different women to help in his case ranging from a lady in his building, a maid working for his advocate and his landlady. The strangest set of people not connected to K seem to know about his case without knowing any of the actual details. They are all remotely connected to the lower courts and can only offer him so much help and advice. He maintains his innocence without ever knowing (or at least not explaining to the reader) what he is accused of.

A strange and unsettling novel which echos the present days insane bureaucracy.


Literary Feline said...

I've only read one story by Kafka, sad to admit. This particular book sounds interesting. Thanks for the review, Rhinoa!

Ladytink_534 said...

Sound very creepy and confusing

Ana S. said...

I read The Metamorphosis some years ago, and unsettling would be a perfect word to describe it too. I'm curious about this one now.