Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Moon - Stephenie Meyer

Rating : 4.0/5
Number of Pages : 595
Number in Series : #2 Twilight Series
Reason for Reading : Series Challenge, Young Adult Challenge, I loved Twilight and wan't to see what happened to Bella and Edward next

Bella has everything she ever dreamt of in her vampire boyfriend Edward Cullen. Things start to go wrong on her eighteenth birthday when she is accidentally hurt at the Cullen's house which culminates in their leaving town and Edward going with them and ending things with Bella. She spends months in a zombie state going through the motions with her father Charlie, at school and at work. She finds sollace rekindling her friendship with Jacob Black who seems the only one to be able to pull her out of her depression. The problem is he wants more than friendship and this is the one thing Bella is unable to give him. Secretly she is still communicating with Edward through hallucinations she is able to bring on when she is doing something reackless and dangerous like riding a motorbike and cliff diving.

Things start to change with Jason as well in time. He is drawn into what looks to Bella like a dangerous cult and he stops hanging out with her. The plot becomes even more complicated with the return of Alice Cullen after seeing a vision of Bella trying to kill herself setting events in motion beyond either of their control.

I thought this was a great follow up to Twilight and I am really looking forward to reading Eclipse and the final installment Breaking Dawn (out in August 08). I felt really sorry for Bella when she was suffering from depression and could understand her numbness. It also must have been really difficult to loose her best friend and not be able to go through his changes with him. One of my favourite series at the moment.


Melody said...

Isn't this series GREAT, Rhinoa?!! I love it. I've yet to read Eclipse...too many books in my pile but hopefully I'll get to it one day soon. ;) I too am looking forward to the next installment.

soleil said...

i found the way she wrote about her depression to be so effective and moving. the single pages with the month written on it. man, that broke my heart.
can't wait for the movie.
my friends and i are going to have a reading party when breaking dawn comes out.
glad you're enjoying it. :)

Rhinoa said...

Melody - I know I am really enjoying it. I will read Eclipse next month hopefully and am waiting with baited breath for Breaking Dawn to come out. It comes out in America in August and the UK in November, but I will be waiting for ages for the paperback to come out.

Jehara - I really liked the way she moved through the months as well. It was really effective. I know you have been through depression as I have and I thought she described it very well with the numbness of it all. The movie will hopefully be great and I am really jealous of your reading party when Breaking Dawn comes out.

Framed said...

I loved this series even though "New Moon" was my least favorite. "Eclipse" has some great laugh-out-loud moments amidst the romance and the suspense. I look forward to reading your review.