Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lucinda, Darkly - Sunny

Rating : 4.5/5
Number of Pages : 277
Number in Series : #1 The Demon Princess Chronicles
Reason for Reading : TBR Challenge 2008, someone recommended her Mona Lisa series to me and I picked this up as well

Princess Lucinda is demon dead. In life she was a Monere Queen and in death she is a guardian who brings back demon dead who have escaped or Monere who have left their Queen's to become rogue warriors. She also feeds off the Monere, both their blood and their sexual pleasure. The Monere are a race that started the vampire mythology as they feed on blood and can only really survive at night time. They Bask in the moonlight of their Queens who rule groups of males often killing them when they become more powerful than them.

Lucinda accidentally stumbles across rogue warrior Stefan and his mixed blood ward Jonnie. She saves them both when they are attacaked by humans who believe them to be vampires. She feels something for Stefan she has not felt since she was alive and he is able to give her pleasure she has not experienced in many centuries. She has to leave to return another rogue, Nico, to his Queen and in her court meets Talon who is a floradeur (a flower of darkness). Talon is a very rare creature from Hell who was stolen by another demon and hidden on earth with a Monere Queen.

I have to say I adored this book. One of my favourite series is The Black Jewels series by Anne Bishop and this was very similar in style and content, but with enough differences to make it more than just a clone. Talon was my favourite character and I look forward to learning more about him hopefully when the next book (Lucinda, Deadly) comes out in 2009. It was a lot more sexually charged and erotic than Anne Bishop's writing which is more sensual than explicit like this was. I look forward to reading her Mona Lisa series and learning more about the Monere.


Literary Feline said...

This does sound intriguing! I worry though about it being more explicit than sensual. I loved the Anne Bishop Black Jewels trilogy quite a bit. But explicit sex in books tends to tune me out. I may have to try it just to see though. You've certainly made it sound good!

Rhinoa said...

LT - If you loved Anne Bishop you should definitely give this a go. You can pretty much skip the sex bits if it puts you off. I know it was chapter two and three and one more later on.

Ana S. said...

Very intriguing. If I like The Black Jewels Trilogy (which I think I will) I'll try this series too.

Rhinoa said...

Nymeth - Hurry up and read Black Jewels!