Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rating : 3.5/5
Number in Series : #3
Reason for Reading : To complete the series

The final installment in the Princess Ai series sees Ai recovering most of her memories and learning more about her past and her heritage. She is still being chased by the Fury sisters from Ai-Land, apart from Tess who is serving as her bodyguard. The other main plot against her isby talent agency HTA who she is signed with. The question is whether Takeshi will be able to go through with his mission or not.

Ai goes through a lot to discover her secrets and when all seems lost it helps her to dispel the darkness. It seems she must loose everything to find her true path. What is revealed isn't the biggest surprise and leads to lots more questions which aren;t answered here sadly.

A really beautiful conclusion that leaves the story wide open for a continuing series. It finished on a high note creatively and artistically. I am really glad I persevered after the first book in the series which wasn't great. I now want my own Ai doll!