Saturday, November 10, 2007

Rating : 3.0/5
Number in Series : #2
Reason for Reading : To see what happened next...

Princess Ai is now singing for HTA, the hottest talent agency around. They are trying to launch her as the new pop diva sensation. The trouble is, they have her in almost prison conditions. She isn't allowed to the library to see Kent (the guy she has an unusual connection with) which she really wants to do whilst simultaneously not wanting to see him for his protection.

She finds a book containing information about Ai-Land where she is from and it's history, but still has no actual memory besides a few fragmented flashes. She tries to break free of HTA whilst still being pursued by Fury Tess who has been able to track her via the media coverage of her new career, as well as dealing with her new found wings which are steadily expanding. Exactly who and what is Princess Ai?

I liked it much better than the first volume, the story had gotten going and there wasn't the same jumpy feel about it. It was like the writing had relaxed. The illustrations were as beautiful as ever and I really liked the coloured pictures at the beginning. The only thing I am not so keen on is the idea of Princess Ai saving the world with her music. It seems a little egotistical of Courtney Love who the character is based on.


Ana S. said...

I definitely can't see how Courtney Love's music would ever save the world :P This sounds like a worthwhile read, though. I've been meaning to try some manga so I'll keep this series in mind.

soleil said...

who came up with the idea for the comic? courtney love? the writer?