Thursday, November 08, 2007

Interview - Film

Rating : 3.0/5

I hadn't heard of this film and I went to see it just because Steve Buscemi was in it. I didn't realise until it started that he also wrote and directed it. The plot follows Pierre Peders (Buscemi) who is a political journalist interviewing Katya (Sienna Miller), a popular television and B movie actress. He comes across as uninterested in her and lacking in preparation so she cuts the interview short. Pierre gets a cab home but the cab driver is so intent on watching Katya walk down the street he crashes the cab causing Pierre to badly bang his head. Katya takes pity on the journalist and takes him back to her loft to ice his head and clean up the blood.

Once back in the flat the interview picks up sporadically. Things turn more intimate and personal confessions are revealed by both parties. Pierre does some things in the flat he shouldn't while Katya gets high. It seems they have a skewed father/daughter connection which perhaps causes them to reveal more than they should.

Both acted excellently. The ending was satisfying although I wasn't sure about Katya's motives. Was she high, mad at Pierre for not knowing who she was or caring, or was she just spoilt and used to getting her own way. Either way the tagline "Everything you say can and will be used against you" suited the film. I am really starting to regard Sienna Miller as a serious actress as opposed to the It-Girl she is usually perceived as.