Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Heartbreak Kid - Film

Rating : 1.5/5

The latest comedy staring Ben Stiller as Eddie Cantrow. His ex-fiance is getting married and he is the only single man left at the wedding who has never been divorced or widowed. His father and best friend are pressuring him to settle down and stop him being so picky. Not long after he meets Lila when a guy on a bike steals her bag and escapes. They start dating and things are going really well until Lila's company want her to move to Rotterdam. They have a policy of not moving married couples so Eddie takes the plunge and asks her to marry him.

Things start really well until they get on the way to their honeymoon destination. Lila starts to irritate him with her constant singing and other mannerisms. It turns out they have less in common than they thought and there is lots they have yet to discover about each other. As the days go on Eddie realises more and more he has made a huge mistake, further confirmed when he meets Miranda at the resort and falls in love with her.

I thought this film was pretty shitty to be honest. Everyone else in the cinema seemed to be loving it but I just thought it was overly crude and over the top. At the end I saw it was directed by the Farrelly brothers and it all made sense! I wouldn't waste your money going to see this as the only good bit was that Eddies best friend had the wicked witch music as his ring tone when his wife called.


Nymeth said...

"At the end I saw it was directed by the Farrelly brothers and it all made sense!"

lol, so true. I promised myself I would never watch another one of their movies again after a similar experience.