Tuesday, November 27, 2007

7 Random Things About Me

I was tagged for this by Jehara so here are my seven random things:

1) I used to play chess for Liverpool (the city I am from) when I was in junior school around 10 years old. I played for the girls team and the mixed team and even won a couple of competitions.

2) My favourite food is spaghetti bolognaise and I generally love most Itallian food, but I don't get on with Japanese food which is sadly my husbands favourite.

3) My wedding day May 2006 was the best day of my life, I planned it all and put it all together and it came out amazing.

4) I fart really loudly and am usually very proud hehe!

5) I have a pet dead bat (yes dead) called Brenda. I was given her (already dead I didn't kill her) when I was 9 or 10 by a guy who worked for the Bat Conservation Trust. He had to keep an eye on their numbers and collected dead ones to keep track of them which he kept for a while. Every now and then his wife made him throw them out of his freezer and for some reason he gave a pipistrelle to my mum to give to me...

6) Even though I am not a girly girl by any means, I just love bright pink and My Little Ponies (I am starting a collection at the moment).

7) When I take my socks off I have to run my fingers between all my toes or they itch and feel funny.

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Literary Feline said...

I have never played chess. My husband says he'll teach me, but it hasn't happened yet. :-)

Do you keep your pet dead bat on display or is it in the freezer?

Rhinoa said...

She's actually in an old Quality Street box currently on our mantle piece until I find a better place for her. She doesn't need to be in a freezer as she has been preserved and dried out so can be displayed. I think I must have been a morbid child or something...!

Melody said...

Enjoyed reading your post, Rhinoa! LOL. Mine's up.

Chris said...

This post had me laughing like crazy! Great one ;) That pet bat sounds quite cool!

jehara said...

i have a pet dead baby pig from anatomy class. it is in a jar. i love it. i know i was a morbid kid. ;) that's awesome that you have a bat.

tanabata said...

What an interesting mix of facts about you! I adore Italian food but I do like most Japanese food too which is lucky I suppose. ;)

heather said...

Lol! Love the dead pet bat!

Nymeth said...

lol, I also love the pet dead bat. I am crazy about Italian food too - especially lasagne and spaghetti bolognaise.

I did this one some time ago. Here's a link to my post.