Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Varjak Paw - SF Said

Rating : 4.0/5
Number in Series : #1 Varjak Paw series
Reason for Reading : Four-legged friends challenge

Varjak Paw is a pure-bred Mesopotamian Blue kitten living with his family in the Countesses house. One day a strange man with two black cats arrives and the Countess is nowhere to be found. Varjak leaves his family to venture to Outside to enlist the help of a dog to drive away the Gentleman. All he knows about dogs is they are big enough to kill a man, their breath is fowl, their sound deafening and they fill your heart with fear.

On the way he is helped in his dream by his ancestor Jalal who teaches him The Way (a type of cat kung-fu); Open Mind, Awareness, Hunting, Slow-Time, Moving Circles, Shadow Walking and Trust Yourself. Also aiding him are Holly and Tam, two Outside cats who start to teach him the way things work living on the streets. They have their own problems with the Vanishings to contend with, but take Varjak reluctantly under their wings.

I really enjoyed this book. The illustrations by Dave McKean are beautiful and really bring the story to life. I will definately be reading the next one soon to hear more about Varjak Paw and the mysterious Sally Bones.


Ana S. said...

Sally Bones really is intriguing, isn't she?

I'm glad you enjoyed this one. I feel like I was mean in my review, because looking back now I think of it as a really fun book, but at the time I was just expecting it to be somehow different.

Dewey said...

Dave McKean! He illustrated Coraline, which I just finished. I really love that cat on the cover.

Lightheaded said...

Glad you enjoyed Varjak and his friends! I'm sure you'll enjoy the second book as well.