Tuesday, October 16, 2007

On Saturday last week I met up with Nymeth to go to a book signing with Terry Pratchett. I was waiting out front for her to arrive and noticed Terry Pratchett standing about a metre away from me on the phone. I decided to let him be as he looked busy and I was going to meet him later anyway. We had to wait in line for about 3 hours but met some cool people whilst standing around. I took the photo below on my phone camera when the group standing behind us all sat down to read Making Money (his newest book) together. I really like the photo, it's lovely to see people all reading together.

The photo below shows me and Nymeth waiting in the queue. I am the one with the red hair and glasses. Funnily we were wearing the same coloured tops, I guess we both love purple and Tim Burton style stuff!

I took this of Terry signing books for the person in front of me as I knew I would be too busy chatting while he signed mine. I got him to sign his new book for my husband. As it is to be a christmas gift I asked him to write "Happy Hogswatch"which he did so it will be extra special. I got one signed for me. It was a cool day and then I got to buy a bunch of books afterwards!


soleil said...

i like your red hair. :)

Literary Feline said...

That is so wonderful that you got to go, Rhinoa! And to meet Nymeth and Terry! What a great treat. :-)

Off the subject - I think it was the Edinburgh International Book Festival my friend attended. Do you have friends in Scotland? If so, maybe you can plan to visit them next August.

Ana S. said...

I do love purple and Tim Burton style stuff :P

I love that picture of everyone reading. They were such a nice and enthusiastic group of fans.

Alice said...

I love the pic of everyone reading too. Very nice!

Clare said...

Wow, lucky you getting to meet Terry P, you both look great I love Purple!