Sunday, October 07, 2007

Damien Rice - Gig

I love Damien Rice so was really excited to have been able to get tickets to see him in Wembley Arean, even though we were sitting right at theback. The support act was really good and she was called Vyvienne Long. She played cello mostly and sang along with 2 other cellists, a bass guitar and drummer (for one song she played piano). She was very quirky with one song about a random man on the motorway and a great cover of He Wants to Move (origianlly She Wants to Move by N*E*R*D). The only issue I had with her was that she was really quiet and obviosuly wasn't used to performing much on her own to such a massive crowd. I hope to see her again when she has either a bit more experience with larger crowds or in a much smaller venue where it isn't so daunting.

Damien was awesome (my favourite word at the moment) without exaggerating. He played all of my favourite songs and was really into the performance. He looked like he was about to cry at one point bless. The songs I remember him playing (it's funny how quick you forget afterwards) were:

The Blowers Daughter
I Remember
9 Crimes
Rootless Tree
Grey Room
Accidental Babies
The Professor & La Fille Danse

I went with my best friend who is a big fan as well and she loved it too. He did slightly different versions of some of the songs off O his first album which was interesting. It was a lot more up-beat than I thought it was going to be and certainly wasn't a depressing evening. A dickhead was sat behind my best friend though and poured a load of beer down her back near the end and didn't bother to apologise, so afterwards we both shouted at him. Still no apology but we felt better a little at least. He looks really good with his hair short and beard gone (although my friend prefers him more scruffy). He is taking a break from touring for a while now, but I hope he writes another album and tours again in a year or two so I can take my husband.


chrisa511 said...

I'm so jealous! I love Damien Rice and Volcano is one of my favorites of his! He opened with it? Sounds amazing. I've never had a chance to see him...great review of the gig!

Rhinoa said...

Chris - He opened with 9 Crimes and played Volcano about 3 songs in I think. He ended with The Blowers Daughter. He should be back touring in a couple of years hopefully and I really want to go again. Hopefully you will get a chance too.

Ana S. said...

I am quite fond of Damien Rice. He played here too but I couldn't get tickets, sniff. That is a really good setlist, I'm jealous!