Friday, October 05, 2007

Rating: 4.0/5
Number in series: #2 in Mercedes Thompson series
Reason for reading: RIP Challenge, Seconds Challenge, to continue the series

The second in the Mercedes Thompson series about car mechanic and walker, Mercy. She is able to shift between human and coyote form and is not tied to the cycles of the moon like werewolves are. Her property backs onto the local Alpha werewolves land, a werewolf is staying with her as a house guest, one of the fae helps in her garage from time to time and she does car repairs for the local vampire and his clan.
This tale sees Mercy, the werewolves and vampires team up to take on a sorcerer who has been turned into a vampire. He is particuarly dangerous having deominc strength, extra magical abilities and enhancing violence in others human and non-human. It is mostly the same main characters from Moon Called including Bran, Samuel, Adam (werewolves) and Stefan and Marsilia (vampires).

It was fast paced and unfolded a lot more information about the nature of vampires, werewolves and walkers. I spent a little while at the start trying to remember what the main parts of this series was and what separated it from others like Laurell K Hamilton and Kelley Armstrong. Once it got going a bit, it stood out as my favourite of the urban fantasy series at the moment. I really like Mercy and prefer to other heroines in similar books. There is something likable and believable about her that slightly sets her apart. I am definately looking forward to book three (Iron Kissed) coming out next year which sounds like it involves the fae a lot more. I want to see what happens with the love quadrangle she has gotten herself into!


Amy said...

My husband read these earlier this year and really enjoyed them. He highly recommended them to me so I hope to read them soon. I am glad to hear there is a third coming out too.

dancechica said...

This is definitely one of my favorite urban fantasy series right now. I like Mercy because there are limits to her powers, which she compensates for by using her brain.

Rhinoa said...

Amy - I hope you enjoy them as much as your husband did. They are definately worth reading.

Dance Chica - Me too. Mercy is cool, she isn't too smart arse, but does hold her own well despite knowing she hasn't the strength or skill of other preternatural creatures around her. I want to know more about Walkers though.