Monday, October 08, 2007

Rating : 4.0/5
Reason for Reading : To refresh my memory before reading Through The Looking Glass

The pseudonym of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, this is one of the best-loved children's tales first published in 1865. It went against the typical books at the time and sparkles with wit. It follows Alice when one day sitting with her sister she sees a white rabbit rush past muttering to itself. This doesn't strike her as odd until it takes a watch out of it's waistcoat pocket. She follows him as he disappears down a rabbit hole inside a tree, thus beginning her adventures in Wonderland.

She meets a colourful cast of characters including a caterpillar smoking a hookah pipe, a Duchess, a tea party with a mad hatter, March hare and doormouse, a mock turtle and griffin, the King and Queen of Hearts and the ever enigmatic Cheshire cat (my favourite of all). She manages to change size on a regular basis depending on what she eats and drinks which is quite fun. Once she gets the hang of it she is able to control her size and so fit into places as a tiny person or grow again to her usual height.The illustrations are lovely as well.

It's a lovely tale filled with nonsense rhymes and anecdotes. The Disney film was one of my favourites growing up, and the bits it kept in were done really well (it missed some bits out and I think added in some from the second book). I am really looking forward to finally reading the sequel and seeing what happens to Alice next.


Ana S. said...

The Disney version was one of my favourites growing up too.

It's a lovely story, isn't it? I've read it a few times, but the last was something like 5 years ago, so I'll need to refresh my memory again in the near future.

Alice said...

Oh well, and this one too!

I've seen the animation and it was great.