Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Simpsons Movie

Rating : 3.0/5

The Simpson family have finally made it to the big screen in all their yellow glory. The cartoon has been around for more years than I can now remember (there are at least 9 series out on DVD plus new episodes on sky). Most people have now heard of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie so I won't do a general introduction on this dysfunctional family.

The film focuses on the family from Bart and Homer daring each other to do wild and crazy things, to Homer getting a pet pig, to Homer then leading to the downfall and possible destruction of Springfield. The pig leads to a few laughs, especially the Spider-Pig song that is used in the trailer and a couple of times during the film. Springfield is going down the pan due to the high level of polution in the local lake. As usual it is down to Lisa to bring this to the attention of the townsfolk. One more bit of rubbish will push the lake situation to critical. Homer has a doughnut related emergency which leads him to violate the towns "no dumping" rules.

The preseident (Arnie) has to choose from a selection of different options as to how to deal with the ensuing problem which leads to a few great lines. The Simpsons end up leaving Springfield for snowier pastures until they notice strange things on the news about an empty place that used to be occupied by Springfield.

There were some great lines and background images as in the cartoons. Many people in the cinema laughed out loud and me and Alex were definately among them. My problem with this film was that it really didn't need to be on at the big screen. It felt like 3 or 4 episodes stuck together and I would have been happy watching a DVD version. The support characters who we have all come to know and love were very much in thebackground and didn't really do anything. It very much focused on the Simpson family. I recommend seeing it, but not to rush to the cinema as it really can wait.


Margo. said...

My kids want to see this movie. I'll skip this and wait till it comes on Dvd, as I'm not a Simpons fan really.

~ames~ said...

i laughed at the oddest moments-as well as with the crowd. and i've got a loud laugh. :P

what got me? when the polar bear kicked that fox!

Ana S. said...

I haven't seen this yet, but I'm probably going next week. I used to love the Simpsons, but mostly the earlier seasons. I'm still willing to give the movie a chance though.

CeeCee said...

When Homer announced we should be watching this on TV or something like that, I wanted to leave the theatre. He was right!

Rhinoa said...

Margo - The earlier ones were the best.

Ames - Yeah that bit had my husband laughing too! I still love the operatic dream seqeuence version of Spider-Pig best.

Nymeth - Let me know what you think when you have seen it.

Cee Cee - I know what you mean! :)