Monday, August 20, 2007

Rush Hour 3 - Film

Rating : 3.5/5

I hadn't seen Rush Hour 1 or 2 but thought I would give this a go. It stars Jackie Chan as Inspector Lee and Chris Tucker as Detective James Carter. The story follows them as the Chinese Triad try to assinate Ambassador Han who has information on who the leaders are (something called Shishen?). His daughter is at risk after he narrowly survives the bullet wound and Lee and Carter end up travelling to Paris after a tip-off to uncover the triad. Matters are complicated when, near the beginning, Lee lets one of the bad guys (Kenji) free due to knowing him from childhood.

When I sat down and watched the opening scene, I thought damn this is going to be shit. As it started to get going I actually really enjoyed it. The comedy was one funny line after another, the fight scenes were really well choreographed and Chan and Tucker work well together on screen. French cab driver George was great, he starts off hating America and American's because of their need for excessive mindless violence, but changes his mind by the end.

There were some massive plot holes though, but I suppose that isn't why you watch a film like this. One of the characters is revealed to be double crossing them. It isn't really explained why and what they have to gain for it, it made no sense at all but perhaps it is explained in an earlier film. Also it's like every other Jackie Chan/American side-kick film. There wasn't much new in this, but to be honest it didn't matter too much. It was such good fun I can overlook any other issues.


CeeCee said...

Okay. Now, I know what to see tomorrow. Thanks!