Sunday, August 05, 2007

My Favourite Character

Well I have given this some thought over the weekend after seeing this post here and I have settled on Lestat. He feels like a bit of a cliche, but I can't think of another character I love more. He is the central character in most of the books by Anne Rice in her Vampire Chronicles series. He appears from the beginning in Interview with the Vampire as the vampire who gives Louie his immortality. From there he steps into the spotlight with his story being the focus of Lestat and Queen of the Damned.

There is something charming about him, despite his being a viscious killer. He comes across as a loveable rogue and it is very easy to ignore his more dangerous side. He goes on a massive jouney throughout the books and his long (undead) life, swapping bodies with a human for a time and journeying to heaven and hell and back. You could say he is more of an anti-hero and I just can't get enough of reading about his exploits. I am really sad that the series has finished as Rice has said she won't write about him anymore since the death of her husband Stan (who Lestat was loosley based on).

I enjoyed both films that have been made (Interview with the ampire and Queen of the Damned), although they are very different. Rice had a big hand in Interview as she wrote the screenplay and it interpreted the book very well. Queen of the Damned had a different actor for Lestat and was more of a gothic tale with haunting music, rather than a particularly fine adaptation. I would love to see more of the tales turned into films (if a good job is made).

RIP Lestat.


DesLily said...

very interesting! I didn't know that she stopped using the character because her husband died.

my son used to use the "alais" Lestat for a long time lol..

Thanks so much for joining in the contest!!

chrisa511 said...

What a great choice! Lestat was such a great character. I miss Rice's Vampire Chronicles so much. I really want to go back and read them all again soon. I was thinking of doing that for the RIP challenge this year, but I have a bunch of other books already lined up. I may do that next year. I DO have The Witching Hour on the list though as a reread!

Ana S. said...

Wonderful choice! He's definitely one of my favourites too. I really, really need to re-read these books.

Literary Feline said...

Lestat is a wonderful choice, Rhinoa. And not cliche at all! He certainly is a complex character. I have only read two of Anne Rice's vampire books (and three of the Mayfair Witch books) so far, but I do hope to read more of her books. She's a wonderful writer and I love stepping inside her dark world.

Rhinoa said...

Thanks guys. I miss him and the rest of the vampires. The good news is a sequel to Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt is due to be published next year which should be cool.

soleil said...

oh i love him too! and i agree with you about the movies. i did enjoy enjoy the queen of the damned because i really love anne rice and that particular book is my favorite of the vampire stories but i really didn't feel it was a good adaptation. and i really didn't feel stuart townsend as lestat AT ALL.
i really really liked tom cruise's interpretation and i am not the biggest cruise fan either.