Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Rating : 3.5/5
Number in Series : #2 in Balefire series
Reason for Reading : I really liked book one in the series

The second book in the Balefire series picks up directly where book one finished. Both twins are trying to get over Luc's double betrayal and move on with their lives. Thais begins to start learning about magick and witchcraft with the help of Clio and Petra, but whenever her and Clio try to perform a spell together it has dire consequences.

This book focuses more on the relationship forming between the two reunited twins, their relationships with the other coven members and other random non-witches in their city (New Orleans). There are a few interesting events surrounding the twins that happen and it is further selling New Orleans to me as a holiday destination. I wonder whether the Mardi Gras fountain is really there and if it survived the hurricane.

It didn't really move the main story along too much, but hopefully the next book will. I did enjoy it, but it wasn't as interesting as the first one and I didn't feel it really got going until the last few chapters. We are still no nearer to finding out who is trying to harm the twins and why. I will definately be reading the last two books in the series.


Ana S. said...

This sounds like a series I might enjoy. Too bad this book wasn't as good, but that often happens with the middle book in a series.

Mailyn said...

Oh man this sounds like a good series! I need a good pick-me-up after the debacle that was Eclipse. Ugh.

Rhinoa said...

Yes it's a cool series, I am sure you will both like it. I am nearly halfway through book three now and still hooked! Very easy to read, it will take your mind of other heavy things you have been reading.