Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Seth Lakeman - Gig

Got invited to this gig by my friend Farah. I didn't know much about him so had a look on his website here to get a feel for him. He started out playing folk music but since going solo he has a much rockier vibe. He lives on Dartmoor so sings about a lot of local legends and stories.

I really enjoyed the gig. As someone who didn't know his music I enjoyed the beginning and end of the gig more where it was much more upbeat and he played the violin rather than the guitar and one of the band played the banjo. I would probably appreciate the more downbeat songs if I listened to his albums.

All in all a good gig and Farah loved it being a big fan of his. She was even happier when I pinched her a poster off the wall to hang on her bedroom door!