Monday, February 26, 2007

Liverpool Trip

I just got back from a couple of days in Liverpool. I sent some photos to My Mobile Blog of some random sights. We spent Saturday wandering around the town centre after getting there about 3am that morning. The new Quiggins Shopping Centre is looking really good, lots of new shops and stalls and it's a beautifully layed out building with lots of Art Nouveau decorations. I bought 2 tops which was very restained of me! I also found a few lovely new Pagan shops and I bought an original painting of the Arwen symbol that the Druids use which I will hang when we move house.

In the evening we saw Hot Fuzz (see a pevious post for a review) with my mum, he husband and my uncle who lives in Devon. On Sunday we spent the day with my family again as it was my Gran's 91st birthday. I think she liked the grey cardigan we got her from M&S and I gave her the gifts dad asked me to as well.

Looking forward to our next visit, but not sure when that will be yet. Must spend more time with my Aunt and Uncle in Devon as well.