Monday, February 26, 2007

The latest from Terry Pratchett about Commander Vimes and Sergent Carrot. Vimes is sent to Uberwald by Vetinari on a diplomatic mission much to his annoyance. Meanwhile Carrot resigns to go in seach of Angua who has left the city without saying goodbye. The plot thickens when vampires, werewolves and dwaves get involved in the politics at Uberwald. The sacred scone of the dwarves has been stolen and without it the new Low King cannot be crowned. Although out of his jurisdiction, Vimes steps in to help and lands himself in much deeper trouble...

Ingo was a fun new character and Lady Sybil appeared a bit more which was good. I feel very sorry for her being on the sidelines to her husband all the time and him not really noticing her so this made a slight change. The clacks system was also interesting as a way of passing information more quickly between the towns.

**** out of 5