Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Break-Up - Film

Vince Vaugn and Jennifer Aniston star as a couple going through a nasty break-up. They are living together and a fight ensues over who gets to keep the apartment they have bought together. The beginning is lovely, during the opening credits you see a series of photos of the two of them together as their relationship progresses and them falling in love. Sadly when the film starts it is the beginning of the end!!!

The supporting cast are really good (speical mention to Joey Lauren Adams from Chasing Amy as Jennifer's best friend and John Micharl Higgins as her exceedingly camp brother) and the film captures what a break up is really like. It isn't too smaltzy at the end but an outcome that pleases all.

Well acted again and Vince gets to do some improvisation with Jennifer responding well. More of a chick flick, perhaps not the best choice for a first date due to it being about the end of a relationship...